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Payroll technically refers to the list of a company’s employees who are entitled to periodically receive a certain salary, as stated on the employee-employer contract. As the bookkeeping needs and processes evolve, payroll may now as well refer to the amount that employers pay their employees, or the processes and methods used to calculate for the said amount.

Nevertheless, in general, payroll is crucial when you’re running a business with one or more employees working for you. More importantly, all payroll-related tasks must be accomplished in accordance with all existing state and federal laws. Besides ensuring that you do not go below the minimum wage requirement, you need to be certain that you meet or provide all your employees’ benefits and needs as mandated by the Department of Labor. Otherwise, you might end up facing criminal charges, paying a hefty sum of penalties, or worse, forcedly closing your business.

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Bookkeeping Payroll Services Business: Who to Trust

Being the head of your business, there are many core tasks that eat up your time and energy. Hence, paperwork and processes on the back-end of your business operation need to be passed on to trustworthy individuals or a team of professionals. Better yet, you may outsource these non-core business tasks to a reputable virtual accounting firm, like Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI

With the advancements in technologies, even bookkeeping and accounting processes are being digitized and modernized. This is why virtual bookkeeping firms, like us, do not stop upgrading and streamlining our processes to ensure we cope with these rapid innovations and cater to the ever-changing and ever-evolving needs of various businesses.

Though outsourcing is proven to be cost-effective, you still have to be extra careful when choosing or hiring your virtual bookkeepers. Before entrusting any of your bookkeeping needs to a virtual accounting firm, you have to be certain that they tick most of the following vital requirements. 

  • The firm must have a business permit legally authorizing them to operate online.
  • Virtual assistants assigned to you must be either be certified accountants, licensed bookkeepers or enrolled agents.
  • The online program they utilize must be up-to-date and upgraded.
  • Their processes and methods must be aligned with the most recent updates or changes in any laws and regulations.
  • The services they offer must be complete, relevant, and specific.
  • The bill they charge you must not cost more than an in-house accountant or bookkeeper.


Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, does not only tick off everything from the above list, but we also think outside the box, and we provide exclusive services beyond what is indicated in the contract. We have systematic processes in place that are proven to be effective and efficient. These flexible methods can be tailor-fit and customize to your business’s unique needs. Regardless of your business is small, medium-sized, or conglomerate, our professional accountants and bookkeepers are ready to help you achieve your business goals with ease. We do not merely accomplish your bookkeeping and accounting tasks for you. We also assist you every step on the way to achieving that success you have always wanted.

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Payroll Management: Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI’s Guarantee

We have a reliable team of professionals who can provide your business with the best-streamlined payroll system. These experts have extensive experience in payroll preparations; hence, they know exactly what to do with payroll processes such as managing all relevant benefits and deductions, calculating for gross and net pays, and filing of payroll taxes. 

To help you put your mind at ease, we guarantee you the below benefits when you entrust your business payroll management to Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI.

Streamlined Payroll Management Process

We, at Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, utilize technology to our advantage. We have mastered, and endlessly perfecting, a systematic payroll process that ensures accurate results. We are constantly innovating and upgrading all the software programs we use for smoother outputs. Then, even if we have access to a premium and top-rated payroll software, we still train and allocate diligent bookkeepers to oversee the whole process, making sure all programs run accordingly. Our streamlined and automated payroll management process guarantees you a paperless and cost-efficient system. 

Accurate Declarations

By combining the brilliant minds of our bookkeepers and the smart programs of our payroll software, accurate listings and declarations are guaranteed here, at Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI. We ensure that we take into consideration all applicable benefits, from base pay to bonuses, and all necessary deductions, from loan payments to payroll taxes. We do not merely calculate your employees’ net pay. Still, we also itemize everything, transparently showing then how we have come up with such results. All these are reflected in their user-friendly online payslips.

Thorough Payroll Tax Handling 

From calculating their income taxes using the standard rate mandated by the Internal Revenue Code to file these on their behalf to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI got you covered. Like how we handle your corporate taxes, you can rest assured that payroll taxes are managed with extreme accuracy and thoroughness. We understand the possible consequences of tax fraud, so we handle all tax-related cases with great caution. Our payroll tax handling process is guaranteed to be delivered with high-quality processes that are never compromised.

Everyone here, at Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, is dedicated not only to accomplishing the tasks you entrusted to us but also in assisting you in achieving your business’s success. With this and all the hard works we so willingly invest in Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI is recognized as a reputable leader of the country’s virtual accounting industry. Our certified accountants licensed bookkeepers, and enrolled agents are qualified, experienced, and competent individuals ready to offer their professional services that exemplify the highest integrity, quality, and performance standards.

Whenever you are ready to level up your whole business operation, let us know so we can provide the needed support through our incomparable bookkeeping and payroll services. Together, let us achieve that financial goal you have established for your business.