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Since all processes are correlated, all bookkeeping tasks are equally important – from the basic processes such as organizing files to the most complex tax filing duties. For instance, balancing a statement of cash flows will be a piece of cake if all transactions are lodged accurately on their respective journals or ledgers, and that the process of managing books of accounts becomes easier if all bank statements, invoices, and receipts are kept in an orderly manner. In the same way, tax filing may be daunting because of the strict laws governing it, but it could be made simpler and easier if one has been religiously adhering to all bookkeeping needs and requirements as early as the start of that certain accounting cycle.


We perfectly understand that processing and analyzing loads and loads of data is not for everyone. This is why we, at Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, made it our mission to bail our clients out of their number predicament. We always strive to streamline our processes and to enhance our programmed software systems to guarantee efficient and accurate outputs.


Why Entrust Your Accounting Tax Prep to Us


Like how we handle all other bookkeeping tasks, we manage your taxes with extreme thoroughness and accuracy. 


While we utilize a premium and constantly upgraded software, we still allocate licensed tax accountants to oversee and manage the whole process. They are the ones who collate and filter all your business documents. They carefully review and analyze all transactions, then they manually enter all relevant tax information in our secure database. 


Though our elite software runs most of our accounting tax preparation service, we employ tax experts to ensure that the system works well as programmed and generates accurate and complete results.


Before sending you the finalized tax statements and completely filled out tax forms, our tax accounting department head manually goes through everything, cross-referencing the reflected details on the outputs to the raw data. Once verified, we forward the documents to you for final reviewProficient Accounting Tax Prep Professionals. Our experts will finalize the process of filing your taxes.


Our licensed tax accountants will deal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your behalf. We will process everything that needs to be accomplished until all those tax forms are approved, acknowledged, and sealed. Then, of course, we will forward you copies of these forms while storing copies on your database with us for organized and secure filing and future reference.


During the tax off-season, our tax professionals do not consider merely lax or doze-off. They continuously research ways to smoothen our processes further. They keep on learning or studying any new regulations or laws mandated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or by the local and national government. We, at Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, ensure that we are at par with all new tax accounting standards. We incorporate all updates or changes to our current systems so that when the tax season kicks in, we are all well-prepared and well-armed.


We aim to save you from any possible unnecessary audits or trials on top of accomplishing all your tax-related requirements. We do the job right the first time, and we never compromise. We do everything on our end to ensure that your company does not end up facing tax-related cases or paying absurd penalties.


What Else We Can Do for You


When you entrust your bookkeeping tasks to us, we do not merely look at the numbers and provide you outputs that you need. Still, we digest each and every transaction like it is our own business that is at stake. We create a big picture that clearly shows your company’s current reality. At the same time, we itemize all the small details relevant to your business’s journey to success.


We do these to achieve our main goal of helping out business owners, not only with their business-related tasks but with their overall business operation. Aside from filing taxes on your behalf, our professional tax accountants can extend their services to be your accounting consultants as well. 


These professionals have years of successful engagements with various businesses all across the globe, which somehow honed them to be experts in their craft. With their experience and knowledge, they are regarded to be efficient financial advisors as well. Should you need to, they can share their professional insights and objective recommendations that are solely based on your company’s data. They are trained to read beyond the numbers and analyze beyond the reports. They can help you with some business decisions and business plans. They can work with you hand-in-hand in expanding your brand and in skyrocketing your sales. Hence, more than your virtual bookkeepers, Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, can also be your virtual partners or mentors.profecient accounting


Aside from tax preparation and accounting consultation, Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI can also do these tasks for you:


  • Filing and organizing invoices, receipts, bank statements, and any business-related documents or files.
  • Reconciling card and bank transactions; managing account receivables and account payables.
  • Analyzing and evaluating daily recorded transactions, generating relevant and useful reports. 
  • Processing payroll and all tasks it entails – from the calculation of gross pay to the inclusion of voluntary and involuntary contributions to the application of possible deductions and taxes to the preparation of paychecks and payslips.
  • Preparing financial statements and financial reports.


No matter how complex your business is, we take our time to study and understand all the factors affecting your operation. We make your business goals our personal missions as well. Our end goal here, at Bookkeeping Honolulu, HI, is to help you smoothen and lighten your business processes, as well as to support you in your journey to success. From files organization to financial reports generation to tax preparation – we got you covered. We can tailor-fit and customize our services for your unique business needs. Give us a call now so we can start discussing and planning.